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Discover stories that are designed to evoke smiles and/or laughter. Puppies, babies and kittens aren’t required, but they’re always welcome!


To celebrate our first year, we looked at the number -- and it's clear Just the Positive made quite an impact!
While the digital age has made communicating easier than ever before, nothing beats using good old-fashioned pen and paper to let someone know how you feel about them. Here, our readers share some of their thoughts about the importance of handwritten notes.
What is sleep hygiene, and how does it contribute to a better night's sleep? Learn more, and also hear from locals as they give tips on positive sleep practices.
While music does have power to soothe the savage beast, it can also help lift us up when we’re feeling down. Read on to learn more about the science (and emotions) of music.
Exposure to blue light can positively affect us in many ways from better sleep to fewer skin blemishes. Find out how blue light can support your health and well-being.
We asked, you answered: What are the steps in your morning routine that lead you toward positivity? Here are some ideas from readers that you can model or adapt for your own path toward daily positivity. 
JTP Facebook fans share their positivity suggestions to help you embrace our 30 Days of Positivity Challenge.
In this Funny or Die video, tourist Ryan checks out Reno landmarks and provides comic commentary on what he finds.
We know being grateful can improve our mental and physical well-being, but how can we experience gratitude on a regular basis? Our readers shared their answers to this important question.


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