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Discover stories that are designed to evoke smiles and/or laughter. Puppies, babies and kittens aren’t required, but they’re always welcome!


It's not actually fun to wear a face mask -- or is it? Here are some practical reasons why masks may actually be pretty awesome. See if you agree!
Here's something to watch over and over again: The Reno Philharmonic, offering a socially distanced but still moving rendition of "Home Means Nevada." We love Conductor Laura Jackson's motivational intro, and we can't wait to get back to the Pioneer Center when it's safe and sound! The theme of the 52nd season: "Music Finds a Way." This one definitely found a way into our hearts (and inspired a tear or two, if we're being honest). Enjoy!
Though it can be difficult being cooped up with our families 24/7, these are also opportunities to learn more about them.
Jonah Howell was a force to be reckoned with on the field, and everyone knew it. The full-bearded, 16-year-old, cornerback earned the nickname “The Bearded Warrior” after two years on his high school’s junior varsity team. But when Jonah was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2019, he was terrified of losing his hair and signature look that inspired the nickname.
Being stuck at home comes with a fair amount of challenges, but it can also be an opportunity to learn more about our partners.
I loved this awesome home video of Tanayah Henderson doing her social distancing dance. Her mother shared this video with KOLO 8 News so we could enjoy watching her daughter showing us how to be safe during these times. I bet everyone is gonna be learning from Zay Zay in the days to come!
To celebrate our first year, we looked at the number -- and it's clear Just the Positive made quite an impact!
While the digital age has made communicating easier than ever before, nothing beats using good old-fashioned pen and paper to let someone know how you feel about them. Here, our readers share some of their thoughts about the importance of handwritten notes.
What is sleep hygiene, and how does it contribute to a better night's sleep? Learn more, and also hear from locals as they give tips on positive sleep practices.


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