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A Short and Sweet 
Manifesto for Good

From the moment we wake to the time we go to bed, we are bombarded by negativity. And it seems to permeate almost every aspect of our lives. It starts with the news we see and hear, and it’s amplified by our social media channels. Because of the oppressive weight of this negativity, we get to the point that it practically consumes us in our daily lives.

It is this curtain of negativity that inspires us today to start a movement — one geared toward seeking out, identifying and sharing positivity. We no longer want our world to be held prisoner by darkness. We choose to shine the light on the positive, revealing that there is more cause to be optimistic than pessimistic in this world, more that unites us than divides us.

Because the bottom line is this: We see this positivity every day, from the simplest gesture of a thoughtful person opening a door for another to communities rallying around each other in the face of natural disaster.

Through our movement, we hope to showcase all the positive, uplifting and hopeful things happening within our very neighborhoods, but also nationally and internationally. By establishing this platform, we hope to create a safe haven where the good is elevated and celebrated — to see we are not surrendering to negativity and hopelessness, but rather flourishing and overcoming adversity through our common humanity.

In the end, we feel confident that this will be a source of reinvigoration, awakening our spirit and inspiring us to be the best humans we can be. We want the positive to shine in our community. And we need to do this together: We hope you’ll be right beside us, supplying stories of compassion, kindheartedness, generosity, community and spirit. We’re seeking stories of the inherent good of humanity — both locally and globally.

Please help us in this movement to amplify the positive in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe and beyond. It’s time to embrace the positive — Just the Positive.