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Meet the people and personalities behind the spectacular stuff happening in our community.


This story is about the power of social media and friends coming together to build a library for young readers. By asking friends and family to sponsor a student in my first grade classroom for only $9, I was able to begin helping my first grade students and many others students at a local elementary school to build a library at home and begin a love of reading that will last a lifetime.
The team at Donor Network West has a heroic goal: to remind people of the importance of a single conversation that can save up to 75 lives. 
While all healthcare professionals play a role in health of their community, one Reno doctor goes the extra mile – literally – when it comes to supporting health, fitness and quality of life.
The Moon Rabbit Café offers gourmet dining, while also helping to strengthen our community.
We’ve all heard that parenting is the most important job we can have, but it rarely comes with training to help us be better at it. The Dad-E Academy is stepping in to help Northern Nevada fathers improve their dad skills.
Christina Reynolds, who is the director of the Regenerations Adult Day Club at the Continuum, believes in creating a fun safe space for all people with Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and much more. The adult day club includes a variety of entertaining events that are largely focused on intergenerational activities. This place offers people an escape from the stresses of everyday life and allows for the building of important relationships. The Regenerations Adult Day Club includes mostly older adults, but some in attendance can be as young as 45.
Have you ever met someone who has found such meaning in assisting others? Our community is full of them and I would like to recognize one person. Jennifer Baker has made a huge impact in the community and has impacted me personally at the same time.
There are approximately 30 puppies being raised in the Northern Nevada area that will grow up to help people with visual disabilities better navigate their surroundings and live independent lives. Get to know Lakeshore and her puppy raisers, CJ Manthe and Denny Sauer.  
In 2011, Cortney Knudson and Brooks McMullin began creating a dirt playground for their community.


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