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Riding Bikes Helps Local Girls See Their Potential

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“We saw an opportunity to use cycling to empower young girls and women to seek their potential in all aspects of life.” * Michelle Faurot, Co-Founder, Bike Like A Girl
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Bike riding has the ability to transform an individual – enhancing quality of life, building confidence and improving well-being. That’s the inspiration behind Bike Like a Girl and their girls’ cycling camps.

In 2014, when Reno resident Michelle Faurot decided to form an all-woman cycling team to compete in the storied Race Across America (RAAM), she knew she had her work cut out for her. It wasn’t just the eight months of intensive training or the extensive logistics required to get eight cyclists 3,004 miles across the country that challenged her. The team needed a cause they could believe in – beyond chasing a new women’s team record (which, by the way, they earned).


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