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Domestic Violence Resource Center's Virtual Community Forum

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Oct 21 Wednesday
Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020 | 6:00pm to 7:00pm

COVID impact on Domestic Violence in Nevada- A Panel Discussion

By participating in the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s Virtual Forum you are dedicating yourself to breaking the cycle of violence. Support survivors and speak out against domestic violence all month long during National Domestic Violence Awareness month in October.

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WHO is the Virtual Forum for:

Domestic violence is prevalent in every community, and affects all people regardless of age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality. Domestic violence is a community issue therefore; we encourage everyone to register for this informational Virtual Forum. Increasing communities understanding about the issue of domestic violence is one way we can help eliminate the stereotypes, common misconceptions, and save lives.

WHY is the Virtual Forum needed:

Domestic violence is a very complex issue, especially during times of crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic. Domestic violence is a part of a systemic pattern of power and control and unfortunately, this systemic pattern can create barriers for victims like economic insecurity, housing inaccessibility, medical and legal challenges. Fortunately, this Virtual Forum will feature experts from the community who will address the intersecting issues that victims face including the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as provide an overview of the enhanced safety and support offered to victims with the intent to help them on their path toward self-sufficiency.

Forum Panelists:

  • Aaron Ford, Nevada Attorney General
  • Darin Balaam, Washoe County Sheriff
  • Ross Armstrong, Administrator, Nevada Division of Child and Family Services
  • Sue Meuschke, Executive Director, Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Denise Yoxsimer, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Resource Center

HOW will your participation impact the Domestic Violence Resource Center?:

You are the key to helping make sure that victims know the resources available and get out of an abusive situation before it’s too late. In addition to spreading awareness you can support the organization by making a financial contribution which will help us address a major decrease in vital grant funding and an increase in the number of requests for support. Revenue from this Virtual Forum will support the purchase of motel nights for individuals in immediate danger, meals, transportation assistance, and more- all needed as families strive to transition from victim to survivor.

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Alyssa Ropell
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