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Carmel of Reno Open House

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Nov 03 Sunday
Sunday, Nov 03, 2019 | 10:00am to 4:00pm

Carmel of Reno’s 41st annual open house, presenting an opportunity for visitors to meet the sisters and purchase Christmas and all occasion cards, as well as original works of art and musical CDs, all created by the Carmel of Reno sisters. A catalog can be found at

Carmel of Reno has helped to support itself through its print shop since it was founded in 1954, currently producing nearly 100,000 cards annually and in demand across the United States.

Today, printing at Carmel of Reno has evolved to the digital era. Although the nuns wear contemporary dress and attend educational and cultural events outside the monastery, they still live a life grounded in prayer, contemplation and community. Further embracing the world outside of the monastery walls, their weekly liturgical celebrations are open to the public.

Venue Name:
Carmel of Reno
Venue Location:
1950 La Fond Drive, Reno
Contact Name:
Claire Sokol
Family friendly?: