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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines*

At Just the Positive, our goal is to change Northern Nevada — and the world — one positive story at a time.

And we know that many of you witness these positive stories — the life-changing, do-good, feel-good acts surrounding us — every single day. So in many ways, you’re our eyes and ears on the streets.

We welcome your submissions of positive, uplifting and smile-inducing stories. What we’re looking for: stories that warm our hearts, offer a fresh voice, a unique perspective or introduce us to compelling characters.

At this time, your byline and bragging rights are the only compensation we can offer. But just think of the smiles you’re creating!

Because of the celebratory, positive and inclusive nature of our publication, we will do our best to avoid political stories that advocate for outcomes in general or support one politician over another.

However, if you’re submitting a story that mentions a politician or a political entity doing good in our community, the story needs to be about the good news, not about the politician, in order to align with our mission and be published on Just the Positive.

What are we seeking?  

Fresh content: Please do not submit press releases or stories that have appeared elsewhere, either in print or online. We will accept stories that have been covered elsewhere, we just need a fresh approach tailored to our publication. 

Stories should adhere to the tenets of AP Style, but rest assured our editors will give it a final polish in case you haven't accessed your Style Guide since your freshman year of college. One notable exception to AP Style: Should a story mention someone holding political office, we will not be identifying party affiliation within our stories.  

Stories that celebrate humanity that fall within one of the categories below.

  • Heart: Meet the people and personalities behind the spectacular stuff happening in our community.
  • Smile: Discover stories that are designed to evoke smiles and/or laughter. Puppies, babies and kittens aren’t required, but they’re always welcome!
  • Passion: Learn about our community’s positively impactful organizations supporting social causes, philanthropy and giving back.
  • Drive: Read about businesses that prioritize their communities as much as their bottom line, and community efforts focused on education and empowerment.
  • Do: Find activities and events that will help you do good, feel good and spread positivity in our community.

Please keep in mind: There will simply be times when stories won’t fit our mission. In those cases, we reserve the right to exercise our editorial discretion to determine whether a story/topic aligns or not and whether or not to publish a submitted work. We also reserve the right to edit submissions — for errors, brevity or otherwise. Our team of editors is committed to maintaining the editorial integrity of the original work.

And finally, from us to you: Thank you for recognizing the good that surrounds us — and for helping us identify it, celebrate it and share it! 

*These guidelines will be updated occasionally.