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Read about businesses that prioritize their communities as much as their bottom line, and community efforts focused on education and empowerment.


A Reno gym is removing barriers to fitness for those who are not catered to by most fitness facilities, and the entire community is befitting.
Walking is so simple, yet so powerful when it comes to maintaining our mental and physical health.
A unique collaboration of private individuals and businesses, public agencies and social nonprofits have come together to help address Reno’s housing need with the Village on Sage Street. 
Kirk Allaire and partner Andy Lafreniere have created a unique way to help businesses do their business while also creating a consistent stream of cash donations to go to local non-profits. 
One group is working to turn underutilized public spaces into food-producing farms. The idea is taking root.
Community Foundation of Western Nevada launched its Campaign For Our Community to build a sustainable Community Endowment that can address entrenched community challenges.
Joseph Galata and the Sierra Association of Foster Families use education and the arts to help local foster children and their families thrive.
Green Our Planet and Sananbio U.S. team up to bring hydroponics farming technology to Northern Nevada Schools.
Councilman Delgado & UNR students advocate for change in the local community's diversity deficit.


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