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Read about businesses that prioritize their communities as much as their bottom line, and community efforts focused on education and empowerment.


Community activist Diaz Dixon shares his thoughts on the positive actions we can all take in support of racial equity and the Black Lives Matter movement.
Crisis Support Services of Nevada helps tens of thousands of people through crises every year. And the need for their services became even more critical as our community and the world were impacted by a global pandemic, forcing many to face additional health and economic challenges.
Whether you’re looking for a job, help keeping your children entertained or a good restaurant meal you can have delivered, we’re here for you.
Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada launches new citizenship program, with free legal representation and citizenship preparation classes at TMCC.
Consider donating the gift of time to local children; read more about Nevada Mentors, and learn how to become an important role model to a child in need.
Lack of access to nutritious food in downtown Reno is affecting the health of area residents. Businessman Shannon Dobbs saw the struggle first-hand and decided to do something about it – he an his wife decided to create an accessible, nonprofit grocery store in Reno’s food desert.
The Badass Lady Gang is an inclusive women’s meet-up group focused on connecting and empowering women though running. If you don’t feel like or think you look like a runner, The Badass Lady Gang may be for you.
Goat Grazers is an innovative goat-sharing business founded by Vince Thomas. The herd may be rented by property owners to "mow" grass or clear around structures for defensible, fire-resistant spaces. Goats can reach steeper and rockier terrain where machines cannot roll, do not add hydrocarbons or noise to the air, promote the growth of native plants, and are more economical than machinery in most cases. And they are just plain cute. connects yoga, meditation, and t’ai chi instructors with creative spaces — coffee shops, art galleries, community centers, parks, and other places — to offer ‘pay what you can’ classes to participants in an unintimidating, welcoming way.


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