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Hope, Compassion and Love — One Woman's Career Strategy

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Sharon Chamberlain Celebrates 10 Years at Northern Nevada HOPES
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"I’m hopeful every member of our community will have access to health care, that we can work together to end homelessness, and we can expand services for underserved populations, including an emphasis on behavioral health, primary care and housing." *Sharon Chamberlain, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Nevada HOPES
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For 10 years, Sharon Chamberlain has been at the helm of Northern Nevada HOPES. Her approach to running the community health clinic is to lead with compassion, serve with humility and love the ignored and underserved unconditionally.

Some people have the ability to change lives. They may provide another with life-changing hope. They may offer profound compassion. They may simply love unconditionally. People like Sharon Chamberlain, chief executive officer at Northern Nevada HOPES, are changing thousands of lives every day by offering underserved and overlooked Nevadans hope, compassion and love.

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