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Village on Sage Street Reaches 100% Occupancy

Catching up around the fire pit at Village on Sage Streer
Village on Sage Street Reaches 100% Occupancy
Bridge housing community now home for 216 people
"This is probably one of the best places I have ever lived at in my life. I know it’s not a regular apartment, but it’s a good place."
Damian Knox

One year after its grand opening, the Village on Sage Street is home to 216 people, many of whom were living in a shelter or on the streets. Now they reside in a safe, comfortable dorm-style community they can afford. 

The Village on Sage Street (which JTP wrote about last year when it was nearing completion) was developed by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada in partnership with the City of Reno, private developers, and the Volunteers of America. Repurposed modular buildings that were once an eastern Wyoming mining camp were trucked to a 4-acre downtown lot donated by the City of Reno. Extensive improvements to the site and buildings were made to create what is now a thriving, attractive community.

The Village was conceived in 2018 to add to Reno’s housing options for people earning low wages who cannot afford an apartment in Reno’s rental market. Lodgers are required to have a monthly income between $1,320 and $2,735.

  • The average monthly income for the Village on Sage lodgers is $1,658.
  • Lodgers have ranged in age between 18 and 82, and 77% are male, 23% female, and 16% are veterans.
  • Most of the people living at the Village on Sage Street are employed, 43% are living on Social Security, disability income or Veterans pensions. Some of these lodgers are on wait lists for Senior Housing to become available. 
  • About a third of Village on Sage Street lodgers moved in from a shelter.

The comments from a few of the lodgers at the Village on Sage Street illuminate the value of the Village on Sage Street.

"About almost a year ago I found myself homeless. Everything about this place I like. The room is the perfect size for me right now. I’ve been trying to save up a bit. It’s really safe here. This is probably one of the best places I have ever lived at in my life. I know it’s not a regular apartment, but it’s a good place.
–Damian Knox

“I have never felt at home the way I feel here. My neighbors made me feel welcome the first day I moved in here. I was welcome when I came through the gate. I was like, ‘Wow.” I am 57 and I have a lot of health issues and everyone is very considerate. Everyone looks out for one another.”
–Clyde Goodson

“The bottom line is the Village got me out of the elements, out of a tent. I am on a fixed income, on SSDI. I only make so much money and I got priced out because of the rent. The rooms are small, but so what. You get used to it. I’m comfortable. I’m grateful this place exists. Thank God for Volunteers of America and everybody behind it.”
–Lewis Clute

“It’s been a surprising experience for me. I’m 82 years old. I never thought in a million years that I would ever be in a situation like this. But I am extremely thankful that I have landed here. I have been amazed at how protective of me the fellows in my building have been. Ideally, I would just love for people to be more informed and more aware of the Volunteers of America. They are just awesome. I am on the waiting list for Sierra Manor.”
–Sharon Weigle

To learn more about the Village on Sage Street, visit the Volunteers of America site.




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