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"They’re way smarter and more capable than I realized"

April's daughter with a very patient feline.
"They’re way smarter and more capable than I realized"
Pandemic Inspires Local Parents to Discover Insights About their Kids
“I have learned that my children actually like me and I like them too. I’m enjoying hanging out with them, playing games, cooking, baking, watching movies. Who knew?” ~Kate C.

It’s safe to say that none of us received training on how to parent during a global pandemic. And most of us have had limited experience, if any, at home schooling. Yet here we are. As much as we love our kids, it can be — um, challenging — to be cloistered in such close quarters with them 24/7. And we think we can all agree that most teachers should be paid much, much more than they are.

With all that in mind, here are some of the insights local parents have learned about their kids while they all #StayHomeForNevada.

  • Brandi A: “Although my kids have very active sports, school and social schedules normally, they do not require me to constantly entertain them. They know how to relax and enjoy family time.”
  • Becky P: “My daughter is so concerned that I stay healthy that she cleans surfaces every night! Then we make time to watch movies we haven’t seen.”
  • Lisa K: “My kids love planning and cooking dinner! And, I enjoy dinner so much more when they make some or part of it.”
  • Connie G: “I really am seeing how self-motivated my daughter is. Even with all the unknowns, she jumps right into her day. She loves getting her schoolwork done, and she loves to make us laugh even more than usual.”
  • Heather A: “My kids have actually done surprisingly well. My daughter (a high school junior) has been all over monitoring her assignments — even more attentive than before. The little one has had a couple meltdowns, but with keeping our routine, he’s doing well keeping occupied — and the new highlight of his day is our walk!”
  • Lala P: “My children really do know how to clean and organize when faced with sheer boredom.”
  • Becky C: “My son has been a professional social distancer for years. So I'm surprised how much he really misses his buddies. It illustrates how much his connections mean to him.”
  • April C:  “I learned that the 14-year-old is excellent at hoarding food in her bedroom, and that as long as there's Xbox and food, the 17-year-old could do this for months. Also that our pets, who have been dressed in human clothes, starred in TikToks, and gone on lots of walks (in the cat stroller), are very, very patient.”
  • Jessica S: “How self-sufficient she is! She's never once said, ‘I'm bored.’ What's more, she's a home-body by nature, so she's totally happy to be homebound. I'm proud of her, she's so upbeat and good-natured about this, and most of the time she's comforting me, not the other way around.”
  • Kitty N: “I’ve learned my son always has a positive attitude and keeps cool, even when things are not so great.”

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  • Bridget L: “Jonas has a guitar aptitude, Sabrina loves to write, and Vinnie is just awesome.”
  • Lisa G: “I’ve learned a lot about their learning styles, their self-resilience. I’ve learned that they are willing to talk A LOT about their feelings and ideas if prompted (and you’re patient). I’ve learned that my patience is pretty darn good and I can wear even more hats than I ever dreamed.”
  • Cory F: “Mine are adults, managing their own homes and lives, but we talk daily. They’re way smarter and more capable than I realized.”
  • Kate C: “I have learned that my children actually like me and I like them too. I’m enjoying hanging out with them, playing games, cooking, baking, watching movies.... who knew?”
  • Hope D: “I have noticed my children and partner are quite resilient — much more than I have given them credit for.”

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BONUS: What we’ve learned about our pets

To nobody’s surprise, our dogs like walks. The more the better. And they’re getting plenty of them now. The fun part will be when life goes back to “normal” and they’re reduced to one walk per day.

  • Xavier Lopez Jr.: “Our cat is actually really good at communicating. Just now that we three are all living here and having to work together, it is far clearer what she is trying to say, mostly ‘feed me, get out of my way and help me into a sunbeam — it's my naptime!’”
  • Inez Schaechterle: “Um, my hognose snake is deep into adolescent angst, but she's just as cute hissy and pissy. And when I've been at work all day, my dogs wanted to be around me. Now I'm not the draw I thought I was.’

How is social distancing going for you and your family?  Do you see any long-term positive changes coming out of this? Leave a comment on our Facebook post!

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