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Regenerations Adult Day Club Director Is Passionate About Helping Older Adults

Christina Reynolds, director and coorinator for the Regenerations Adult Day Club
Regenerations Adult Day Club Director Is Passionate About Helping Older Adults
"My future plans are to stay at the Continuum to make growth and learning happen here."
Christina Reynolds

Christina Reynolds, who is now the director of the Regenerations Adult Day Club at the Continuum, started working with the program during her time as a student at the University of Nevada, Reno. She completed a gerontology internship with the Regenerations Adult Day Club, which consisted of about 130 hours of work. Prior to this, she did not have an interest in working with older adults. She had planned on working with young children, but she took a course in the Psychology of Aging at UNR and fell in love.

Regenerations is an adult day club that offers a safe space for all people with Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and much more. Attendees are exposed to a variety of entertaining options that are largely focused on intergenerational activities. 

During her time in school and in working with the Regenerations Adult Day Club, Reynolds found an interest in dementia. This all led to her changing her minor to gerontology.

After graduating from UNR, she went back to the Continuum and was hired as the director. As director, Reynolds says that she handles new club member paperwork and works on the floor with the older adults. In addition, she makes sure to handle the interviewing process for new people who want to spend time at the Regenerations Adult Day Club. Her job requires many different skills. 

Nancy Pieretti, who is the assistant director at the Regenerations Adult Day Club, praises Reynolds for her positive demeanor and interpersonal skills. "Christina was a perfect fit for the position, and everyone here loves her," Pieretti said. 

While speaking with Reynolds, I was curious to see what she believed was the best part about her job. She says that she “loves coming to work every day.” She also said: “I enjoy the mutual happiness that the club members, staff, and myself all share.” In addition, I was interested to find out what this job and line of work has taught her. She elaborated on how this job has taught her “patience, respect for all people, and to just slow down.” Reynolds also pointed out that her respect for caregivers has increased while working at the Regenerations Adult Day Club.

Plans for the Future

My interview with Reynolds was concluded by me asking what future plans she has for herself. As she paused for a few moments to think about this question, I could see that this was something she may not have been asked before. Many people don’t tend to think about their future selves, but it was very fitting considering she deals with older adults on a daily basis and will be an older adult herself one day. Reynolds said that she plans to “stay at the Continuum for as long as possible.” She also mentioned that her goal for the facility is to “continue to make growth and learning happen every day.”

Christina Reynolds has spent just over three years with the Regenerations Adult Day Club, and many believe she has made an impact that will last a lifetime. This strong, kindhearted, selfless woman really does care for all older adults in the community and wants the Continuum to thrive.

If you know someone who would benefit from the activities at the Regenerations Adult Day Club, visit their website or call (775) 829-4710.     

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