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Part 2: Hey Northern Nevada, What Makes You Stay Positive?

Part 2: Hey Northern Nevada, What Makes You Stay Positive?
"The wide variety of microbrews in the biggest little city turns a frown upside down.”
Melissa M. 

Did you ever notice how something as simple as reading someone’s positive post on social media, or just passing by a happy person on the street, can make you immediately joyful? That’s the reasoning behind this crowdsourced story, in which we’ve summarized ways that locals create their own happiness. 

Here’s Part 2 of our 2-part series — because we got too many responses to make it just one story (and we LOVE that!).

We surveyed Northern Nevadans on Facebook, asking: “What do you do to stay happy? What activities, events, people or things are guaranteed to make you smile?”

Below are some more of your responses. And here's Part 1, if you need even more ideas. If you're looking for ways to inspire some positivity, look no further!

“Getting up early to make my sons a hot breakfast and have a few one-on-one minutes together before they start their days — this alone keeps my spirit grounded. Spin class, staying connected to strong women, using my time and treasure to help people in our community.” ~ Brandi A. 

“Invest in self-care. Soak in my hot tub. Hike up a mountain. Play my bass. Arts & crafts. Play video games with my hubby & kids.” ~ Cinammon D. 

“Running! Skiing! Having a cold beer on a hot day after riding my dirt bike with pals!” ~ Lorna S.

“I have my affirmations every morning and my gratitude journal when I go to bed. It makes my life happy.” ~ Tracy F.

This is a pretty cool app — I love the daily nudges and inspiration.” ~ Heidi P.

“Meditate.” ~ Natasha B.

“Laughing with friends and family is absolutely the best!” ~ Jessica L.

“Just not saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone all the time. It’s ok to say ‘no’ if you need to say ‘yes’ to yourself. Helping others, big or small.” ~ Renee E. 

“Playing with and walking with my four golden retrievers, going on trips or camping with my husband, visiting with my daughter and grandchildren, gardening.” ~ Francey K.

“Working in the garden, to encourage a beautiful and sustainable environment for people, pollinators and wildlife. Jazzercise, rain or shine also helps!” ~ Melinda G.

“Yoga is one of the most important methods of self-care that I am involved in. It helps me to find balance both mentally and physically and that makes me feel the happiest. I also use the breathing tools that I learn through yoga when I am in stressful situations, which also helps me to be happy most of the time.” ~ Rachelle P. 

“Making others laugh.” ~ Katie W.

“All my friends from childhood that I still love today make me smile every time. Skiing. Reading - if I have time to read, I’m happy indeed. Hiking Lake Tahoe. The wide variety of microbrews in the biggest little city turns a frown upside down.” ~ Melissa M. 

“Virginia City Camel Races, Reno 1868 matches, and pedaling all over the city.” ~ Kyle R. 

“Self-care that includes:

  • Reformer pilates 
  • Manicures & pedicures
  • Keeping my hair appointment that includes mini head, neck, arm & hand massages 
  • Going out with my husband
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Going for a hike on the many trails around our beautiful city & surrounding mountains 
  • Taking my dogs for a walk
  • Hanging out with my girls 
  • Going to Dawn Patrol, watching Mass Ascension at the Great Reno Balloon Race followed by brunch
  • Visiting Lake Tahoe
  • Watching the sunrise and the sunset here - it is so spectacular with our mountains
  • Experiencing blue skies & sunshine in the middle of winter

I have many more things I can add to this list." ~ Terri O. 


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