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Here’s Your Shot of Positivity for the Day

Here’s Your Shot of Positivity for the Day
I got the vaccine because it’s safe and to STOP THE SPREAD! I miss hugging my mom, seeing my friends smile and laugh, and if we all do our small part, we can get back to a normal life!
Diane, healthcare worker

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place on the internet to read all of the happy, positive, celebratory thoughts about COVID vaccines? 

Turns out: You’re here! 

The vaccine is the path out of this pandemic, so today, we’re celebrating all the ways it’s bringing positive vibes to Northern Nevadans. Our thanks to the team at Immunize Nevada for sharing a sampling of the feedback they’ve received (and if you want to add your thoughts once you’ve gotten you COVID vaccine, please fill out their super-easy form here).

So if you’re needing a shot of positivity today, read on!  

Positive Vaccine Vibes

“I got vaccinated because I genuinely care about protecting not only myself, but also my family, my patients, my coworkers, and anyone I come into contact with. COVID has wreaked havoc on our physical and mental health, our businesses, and our lives. Now we have a weapon to eradicate it. If we can all come together and have faith in the incredible work that the scientists have done, we will defeat this!”
- Nick, anesthesiologist

“I treat critically ill patients daily and come home to a wonderful, loving family. I believe in the science, and I am ready to say ‘Bye bye, COVID.’”
- Jay, neurosurgeon

“I’m sooooooo excited to get it! I work at the University and interact with students and faculty who teach face-to-face daily — so I know how important it is to protect us all.”
-Sally, UNR employee

"I got the vaccine because it’s safe and to STOP THE SPREAD! I miss hugging my mom, seeing my friends smile and laugh, and if we all do our small part, we can get back to a normal life!”
- Diane, healthcare worker

“It has been a long and challenging fight, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We now have the tools to fight COVID-19, such as vaccines. I recently got my vaccine shot, and except for mild soreness in my arm, I feel great. When it’s your turn, don’t hesitate, take the vaccine, and join the fight against COVID-19.”
- Sowjanya, MD

“Got my first COVID-19 vac this morning. The second already scheduled.
This is why I love Reno VA. I didn't have to get on a list. When they had the vaccine they just called. 
Simple as that.
The process was smooth. The VA is used to doing things smoothly. Last I heard there were 120,000 vets that use the Sierra Nevada regional medical center, and they're pretty good at keeping things flowing.
For instance, if you're scheduled for a lab blood draw at 7 in the morning, you're in and out of there by 7:15.
The process this morning getting the COVID vaccine at my 8 a.m. appointment consisted of doing a little paperwork at the beginning, getting the shot and then sitting in another area for 15 minutes while they monitored the reaction, if any. I was out and on my way by 8:23.
One of my doctor friends at the VA said that I'll have a sore arm tomorrow.
I told her that's okay.
At my age I'm sore someplace with something every day.”
- Frank, 70+, U.S. Air Force veteran (Editor's Note: Thank you for your service, Frank!) 

"I can’t wait to get it! But in the meantime, I’m so thankful my parents will receive their first dose from WCHD tomorrow!"
- Lynnette, via Instagram

“Got both of mine! Doing my part.” 
- Stephanie, social worker

“I got the vaccine for my patients and my family, so I can do my job and reduce the risk of COVID.”
- JoAnn, MD and physician anesthesiologist

“As a specialist in sinus and nasal surgery, it has been impossible to ignore the enormous risk our health care providers take every day caring for our patients. I am honored to get the vaccine to protect my husband, my daughters, my aging parents, my patients, and my community.”
- Leah, physician

"We are patiently waiting our turn to get the vaccine and support our community’s reopening!"
- Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, via Instagram

“I got my COVID vaccine to help those who have difficulty protecting themselves. I often work directly with people who face housing difficulties. This may mean they are living in unstable housing or are forced to the streets. These are not the best situations to stop the spread of the disease. Mental health does not take a break during COVID but has been exacerbated over the last 9 months. 
I also got the vaccine because I want to protect my family. My family has health conditions which make COVID more complicated. I am also breastfeeding and wanted to offer protection to my 2-month-old.” 
- Emmanuelle, psychiatry resident

“I got a COVID-19 vaccine so that I can stay healthy so I can continue to serve our patients and community. I also got vaccinated to help keep my family healthy!”
- Kelsey, pharmacist

“I volunteer at a hospital, and they are immunizing their volunteers. As for why I would personally opt to get a vaccine: I calculated that it would offer at least a 20-time reduction in the risk of dying from the coronavirus. If I had some means to reduce a tangible risk by 20 times at no significant expense, I would do it. After all, I wear a seatbelt every day and choose not to smoke. Additionally, it would make it significantly less likely that I would be able to transmit the virus to others, thus, shortening the length of the pandemic.”
- Omar, public health volunteer

"I’m ready! Bring it!"
- Rachel, via Instagram

“I encourage anyone that doesn't have a medical reason not to, to get vaccinated. I got my first dose on 12/21, and go back for my second on 1/11. I am 50 years old with Cerebral Palsy. I face unique challenges every day. I could have easily found a reason not to get vaccinated. But my reasons for getting vaccinated are pretty clear. I have lost a very close friend to the virus. And my father is currently in a hospital in Arizona battling the virus. So really, I did it for two reasons: to help save at least one life, and to help get back to the way of life we all miss. So whatever your opinions or beliefs are, I urge you to find your reason.”
- Laker, healthcare employee

“I got the vaccine today to help protect my family, my school and my community that I love so much!”
- Anni, school counselor

“I am not throwing away my shot! 
I am grateful to receive my first dose of the Moderna vaccine this morning! 
Grateful to all my doctor friends who supported and encouraged me to take this step forward! 
Grateful to the scientist who worked overtime to develop this vaccine!
Grateful to the school district for advocating for their teachers and organizing the roll out! 
I see vaccines as the first step back towards normality! 
Excited for my family and friends to get vaccinated soon! 
I can’t wait to hug you!
I can’t wait to travel! 
I can’t wait to be at a crowded concert! 
I can’t wait to have my family over for dinner and not worry about breathing around each other inside!
I can’t wait to get back to regular school!
I can’t wait to be able to go places without my mask 
I can’t wait to go out to dinner and be able to have all six of us at the same table!
I can’t wait to be able to make plans to be around other people!
I just can’t wait!
Feeling so hopeful for the future!”
- Becca, educator, mom, wife, student

“I got the vaccine to strengthen our fight against COVID-19. Especially at a time when everything seems so out of control, we can all do one little thing to help keep our community safe.”
- Jiavanna, public health volunteer

“I couldn't wait to get mine as soon as possible. Scheduling the appointment online was very easy, check-in was very fast, the shot was in a private room, and during the 15 minutes observation after the shot, I completed the CDC V-Safe website form on my phone for tracking and reminding me when my second vaccination is due for scheduling. From door in to door out, took less that 20 minutes. Impressive. I feel great!”
- Jerry, MD

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