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Here's to the Magical Moms

Devon Reese with his mom
Here's to the Magical Moms
Celebrating Mother's Day with Words of Gratitude
“I love that my mom has always been tough as nails — nurses can be like that — but loves deeply and unconditionally."
Devon Reese

My mom has created the world’s most magical backyard. 

I honestly have no idea how she does it. Even during quarantine, she manages to have fairy lights twinkling, hanging baskets overflowing with cascading flowers and an emerald green lawn. My 7-year-old daughter is 100 percent convinced fairies make their home there, and her 46-year-old mom (yes, I’m talking about myself in the third person) just about believes it, too. 

This mystical place of park-like enchantment has always been the perfect backdrop for family gatherings. Weekly during warmer weather, we gather there for s'mores by the fire pit, and recently, her gardening voodoo has leveled up yet again, because this enormous wading pool now sits in the backyard, enticing my 20-year-old son just as much as it does my 7-year-old daughter. 

All of this is to say: How do moms always know the perfect elements that inspire the perfect gatherings where we make the forever memories? Somehow, they just do. And they do so much more than that, too. But while everyone’s mom is unique and everyone’s family stories different, when we asked friends of Just the Positive to share what you love about your mom, the stories seemed somehow consistent. Moms are here to make our lives better. They empower, inspire, protect, teach, motivate and multi-task. They feed the masses, advocate for friends, attend every school event, heal our wounds and love us unconditionally.

And against all odds, some even have a connection with the fairies. (Love you, Mom!) 

Here’s what you all had to say in appreciation of your moms: 

Mother’s Day Reflections

  • “What I love about my mom: her unconditional love and support. Always. What I love about being a mom: absolutely everything. Watching these three beautiful and amazing kids evolve into caring, productive and fabulous adults! I love the relationship I have with my adult kids —definitely my reward for the teenage years.” ~ Stephanie Smith
  • “I love that my mom has always been tough as nails — nurses can be like that — but loves deeply and unconditionally. Hope to honor her Sunday in some small way even though we’ve not been able to hang out in 8+ weeks.” ~ Devon Reese
  • “I love that my mom is the definition of a fighter, through and through. She has been nothing less than the best, ensuring that my sisters and I knew at all times that we are loved and we are worth it. I love the conversations she has with us. I love how strong her spirit is. Most importantly, though, I love that my mom is so optimistic (though she wouldn’t agree with that) and searches constantly for the love and good in everyone she meets.” ~ Dylan Dahle
  • “I am that person who was blessed to have women I love step in and take on the role of mom. To my Aunt Elaine who took me into her home as her own, and has loved me hard ever since, I am blessed. To my (ex) mother-in-law, Grammie Boo, who attended every single kid's event there was and joins us on family vacations to this day, my soul is strong because of you. To my Aunt Rachel who is always sure to let me know how proud she is of every single accomplishment I achieve, my heart stays happy. To my Aunt Lynnie, for grabbing me and holding on tight each time she sees me start to crumble, my entire being is held together by you. You see my mom loved me, she just had some issues that alcoholism presented. And, it took a village to remind me that I had a life that needed to be lived with purpose.” ~ Barbie Marcoe
  • “My mom provides the most welcoming home that you can imagine. She feeds my high schoolers and their friends a fun lunch every Friday and has since 2010. She opens her heart to not only her family, but so many in the community as a whole. People feel included in my mom’s life and home, and so even a first visit there leaves people feeling warm and loved. All of her older grandchildren have chosen to stay in Reno, and her love and example is a big part of that. We all love her and wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day!” ~ Katie DiLillo Coombs
  • “My daughter is an incredible single mom. During this quarantine, she's had to homeschool two girls, work full-time, while going to graduate school. During that time, she also got the virus, and we couldn't help her. When we got back together again after she got well, I asked how she is she doing. I was expecting a lot of complaining. Instead she said she felt like she was really enjoying her girls and that her heart has grown three sizes bigger being with them during this time. She's an amazing person.” ~ Jacci Terry Turner
  • “My mom passed away a few years ago. She was a strong woman who fought her own battles. She taught us to stand up for ourselves!” ~ Jon Edmondo
  • “I love that my mom put an emphasis on doing things rather than having things. She raised me on her own since I was 1, and though we had some monetary struggles, year after year we would go on amusement park trips, and she would always let me bring a friend since I was an only child. I adopted that theory with my own family — taking the kids on family trips whenever we could since with five of them, getting them a lot of ‘stuff’ wasn’t always in the cards. That being said, in my teen ‘spoiled’ years, she still managed to get me the Nintendo and Guess jean jacket I just had to have, despite the she wasn’t rolling in the dough working with seniors for the state. Now, after retiring, she still constantly advocates for seniors, probably working harder than when she was ‘working,’ and I love her for that too!” ~ Gina Odegard
  • “I am so grateful to have a mom who went through the fire raising us and then started focusing on who she was, why that mattered and who she wanted to be through the rest of her life. She is so resilient, independent and kind. I wish she would have had more of a voice and that she had known what she wanted earlier, but I am grateful that the minute she came up for air, she laser focused on what was next that mattered the most. I also have a stepmom that has been a part of my life for nearly 30 years. She stepped into our lives during my teens and has been learning with us, growing with us and spoiling us ever since. Having one amazing mom is a blessing, having two uniquely strong and independent ones is a gift.” ~ Brandi Anderson
  • “My mom is my rock and role model (see what I did there?). Seriously, she got married at 18 to the man my grandparents didn't approve of because, for one, he was ‘from the wrong side of the tracks.’ My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in November. She is Mom to 5 children and Nina to 10 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. My mom has also lost one each of those aforementioned children and great-grandchildren — something I could never imagine as a mother or great-grandmother. My mom has always given of herself to all of us and to everyone that comes into her life. She is always there when you need her and was a huge reason why we moved back to Nevada. I'm pretty lucky to have my mom.” ~ Terri Ogden
  • “What can you say about a woman who is so dearly loved, kind, thoughtful and caring? This is my mom. She has been with me throughout my life, through the good times and the bad. She has shared my joy and heartaches. She has given me strength when I had none left. Truly, my mother worked hard and made sacrifices so that my life would be better. My mother taught me what it is to be a strong woman. She had a job back when women were supposed to be housewives. For many years, she was the ‘bread winner’ of our family. We were not well off by any means, but I never felt as though we were poor. SHE is the one who kept a roof over our heads, food on our table and love in our hearts. I am so very proud to call this woman my mother. This year she will turn 94 years old. I only wish that she could be with me for another 94! I love you Mom!” ~ Suz Troutner
  • (Suz also shared this incredibly powerful quote: “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” ~ Tenneva Jordan

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  • “My mom's my superwoman. She is a hard worker and so brave. No matter how much she breaks down, she always smiles at me.” ~ Thandy Leluma
  • “My mom's cooking is unmatched. Seriously. I've never had a friend or another family member not like her cooking. She's a whiz in the kitchen and always makes meals that people rave about. Very lucky that I not only get to enjoy frequent dining in Mama T's kitchen, but learn from her as well! She's also just a warrior of a woman, and I aspire to be more like her every day!” ~ Dani Rawson
  • “My mom is my go-to girl — she always seems to know exactly what I need. In addition to that, she's a super hard worker and goes above and beyond to take care of our family. Every day I find myself being more and more like her, and really there's no one else I'd rather grow up to be like.” ~ Chelsey Brice
  • “My mom taught me to be brave and resilient. She is formidable, that woman, and I’m honored to be her daughter!” ~ Rachel Gattuso
  • "Of course I appreciate my own amazing mother for both raising me and continuing to put up with me thus far. But I'm also incredibly proud of how she gracefully sails through retired life, being so involved now with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren — as well as living her life to its fullest with travel, care-giving, a weekly hiking group, a wine-drinking group and staying active in her community. Happy Mother's Day, Mom, I love you!" ~ Patrick McFarland
  • “My mother died 32 years ago. I depend on her daily as my moral compass. She would have thought this moral compass thing was hysterical, as I rarely took her guidance. I think of her and miss her daily.” ~ Pam Russell
  • “My mother, my dearest confidant and greatest cheerleader, joined the angels at the young age of 48. While I’m certain she could have loved me longer, I know she couldn’t have loved me more. The simplicity and depth of that phrase has seen me through — from the minute she took her last breath 19 years ago to today.” ~ Christina Stoever Young
  • “My mom died in 2009, and I know this is incredible cliché, but I didn't realize until then just how much I appreciated her. But my son's grandma, who we haven't seen in person for 15 years because I divorced her son 14 years ago, has been incredibly amazing to me all this time. She has four sons but always tells me I am the daughter she never had; she always sends me a gift for my birthday and Christmas; and because of her, I have still felt that motherly love even with my own mom not being here. Her own life was not easy — she was left to raise four boys by herself — but she never ever complains and just tells me she is grateful to God every day. I love her to pieces and am so grateful for her.” ~ Sally Casas

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, from Just the Positive — and from your forever-grateful children! And to those of you missing your moms or wishing your mom was more like some of the spectacular women described above, we send heartfelt hugs. 

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