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Creating a Legacy of Good for Northern Nevada

Celebrating the launch of the Campaign For Our Community
Creating a Legacy of Good for Northern Nevada
Campaign For Our Community Launches
"It’s really amazing when we accomplish our goal. However, [our] problems can be overwhelming if you don’t have a strong organization supporting you. That’s why I’m so glad to support and work with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.”
Oscar Delgado

On April 11, the Community Foundation of Western Nevada launched its Campaign For Our Community at a high-energy rocket launch themed party, highlighted by three unique perspectives on the value of giving.

A Fund For Good. Forever.

Jennifer Satre, Campaign Co-Chair, introduced launch party guests to the Campaign for Our Community's effort to build a Community Endowment that will yield $400,000 to millions of dollars in grants each year – grants that will be used to address wide-spread challenges in our community. 

As launch party guests enjoyed appetizers and sipped on Rocket Boosters – a signature themed cocktail – three faces of our community, Konner Robison, Oscar Delgado, and Mary Simmons, lent their perspectives on community philanthropy and endorsed the Campaign For Our Community. 

Three Views on Giving

Robison, 24 years old and a graduate of Stanford University, talked about his experience with the Community Foundation as a member of the High School Giving Circle. The High School Giving Circle inspired Robison and a high school friend to create the Gateway Fund, which donated $96,000 to Washoe County high schools for technology and math calculators.

As a young and accomplished philanthropist, Robison has recently begun placing an increased value on the importance of giving right in his home town. In his speech, he encouraged young people to contribute as they can and take on the leadership roles that will shape our community. 

Councilman Oscar Delgado, former Community Foundation advisory board member, acknowledged that the City can't do everything. “Oftentimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have new challenges, but we don’t have the flexibility to move quickly,” explained Delgado. “We end up trying to solve the problems of today with the infrastructure or systems of the past.”

He recognized the need for philanthropy and the value of having an organization capable of handling the toughest challenges. “One of my favorite parts about being a Councilmember is when I work with different groups in our community to address a challenge or work on a problem; and it’s really amazing when we accomplish our goal. However, those problems can be overwhelming if you don’t have a strong organization supporting you. That’s why I’m so glad to support and work with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.”

Delgado pointed to the Community Foundation collaboration with the City of Reno and the Volunteers of America to build the Village on Sage Street – low-cost dorm-style housing for the working poor – as a reason the Community Foundation is the ideal organization to administer this endowment.

Mary Simmons, retired executive with NV Energy, spoke about the satisfaction she gained from her 30 years of community involvement through business. “Business needs to support the community they work in and the community where their employees live,” Simmons said.   

Something Worth Celebrating

To close the program, Teresa Mentzer, Community Foundation of Western Nevada Vice-Chair, asked guests to imagine how our community would have looked if the Community Endowment had existed 20 years ago. She then asked them to imagine the future of our community as the Community Endowment, now a reality, grows and is able to make sizable grants for generations to come.

As the audience counted down from 10, Chris Askin, Community Foundation President and CEO, released celebratory balloons, and Northern Nevada gained an invaluable tool for addressing our community’s evolving needs. Today, tomorrow and far into the future, Campaign for our Community is creating a legacy of good for Northern Nevada.   

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