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Are You Looking For a Family-Friendly Way to Go Camping?

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Submitted by lisa_624 on Tue, 07/21/2020 - 14:35


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Sierra Nevada Journeys has you covered with the expansion of Family Camp.
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"You mean I can relive summer sleepover camp WITH my kids? You mean I could get in that camping trip I promised them without having to pitch a tent or cook on a camp stove? Sign. Me. Up.” *Lynnette Bellin
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Sierra Nevada Journeys, a STEM education nonprofit, is making the best of its situation by opening Grizzly Creek Ranch for families to get outdoors and go camping.

With the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, many families are staying close to home and have turned to camping as an alternative to other types of vacation. Additionally, the RV dealerships are seeing an increase in sales by 30 percent over last year. With this influx of new campers and several months of closed campgrounds this past spring, it has been challenging to secure a camping reservation for this season.

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