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6 Positive (& Practical!) Benefits of Wearing Face Masks

6 Positive (& Practical!) Benefits of Wearing Face Masks
Like to smack your gum with your mouth wide open? NO PROB! Just think: Masks make it super easy to chomp your favorite Double Bubble without restraint. (But don’t try to blow a bubble. Because gross.)

I get it: Quarantine fatigue is a thing, and it’s REAL. 

If I'm being honest, I'm tired of it all, too. But considering I'm an editor for Just the Positive (emphasis on “Positive,”), I thought I'd dig deep and offer some much-needed happy talk about my favorite new fashion accessory: face masks!  

I know, I know: They’re uncomfortable. They’re hot. They make your glasses fog up. They ALWAYS need washing. They’re hard to find when you need them.

Plus, I feel like they’re making fast friends with all of my single socks — considering they, too, seem to be constantly missing, post-dryer. 

But they’re also important. According to basic science, epidemiology, mathematical modelling, case studies and natural experiments, they work. Sure, they’re not a COVID cure, but: 

So besides the obvious “saving precious lives” and “preventing wave 2 of a deadly global pandemic” benefits, there’s another side to face masks — a very practical upside. 

So here you go. Without further ado, here are six practical positive aspects of wearing a face mask. 

  1. For all the makeup-wearers out there: Consider how much money you’re saving right now on lip gloss, lipstick, lip lacquer, lip liner, lip stains lip plumpers and all the products necessary to make our lips shine! And who needs foundation, powder, setting spray, hydrating mist or anything else on the lower half of your face anymore? Behind the mask, a very simple (and inexpensive) swipe of a sweet-mint flavored Eos — or even a cherry cola Lip Smackers, I won’t judge — is all you need.
  2. Like to smack your gum with your mouth wide open? NO PROB! Just think: Masks make it super easy to chomp your favorite Double Bubble without restraint. (But don’t try to blow a bubble. Because gross.)
  3. Thanks to that potentially life-saving mask, you’re practically saving your soul from another endless, soul-sucking scroll on Insta or TikTok. (For those of you who feel out of the loop: I’ve been told by my lucky friends with their newer, fancier iPhones that facial recognition software is proving ineffective when they try to open their locked phones with their faces. So yeah, technology is pretty much failing to perform the ONE JOB it was tasked with doing, thanks to our fabulous face coverings.) 
  4. Experiencing an acne flair-up on the lower half of your face? Perform a masked-up spot treatment while shopping, while at work or while waiting for your al fresco table at your favorite restaurant. In fact, you could probably even apply a full-on charcoal face mask under your fabric face mask, doubling your already amazing mask game — but NOT if you’re going to that restaurant, because you’ll eventually be taking it off to eat, and you don’t want to terrify people. 
  5. With masks, you can easily (if not cheaply) up your fashion game. I hear all kinds of name brands are coming out with their own haute couture face masks. This Collina Strada fashion face mask retails for a mere $100, after all. (Of course for every mask purchased at that price, they’re giving three masks to healthcare workers in New York City, so it’s actually a good deed — albeit an expensive one!) 
  6. If high fashion’s not your thing, maybe this is: Allowing your face mask to reveal your true inner personality. Consider these with their sassy sayings and funny images, these rainbow versions that, when purchased, are accompanied by a $1 contribution per mask to Northern Nevada HOPESthese reversible “Do Good” masks that offer a buy 5, give 5 (to people in need) offer, or these hand tie-dyed masks that are buy-one, donate-one to the Eddy House. Or you can consider these super creepy ones that are actually a screen-printed picture of the bottom of your face so that it looks like you’re peeling off your skin when you take it off.  

Bottom line: Masks are all the rage right now. Need proof? Just look to the trending local hashtags: The City of Reno and Washoe County Health District are relating abundant mask messaging as part of the “#StaySafeToStayOpen” campaign, reminding locals that in order to keep our economy (and stores and restaurants) open, we need face coverings. Plus our friends over at Immunize Nevada are asking us all to #CoverForAnother (and take a selfie, too!). So rock your mask, dole out compliments to strangers if their mask makes you smile (keep in mind, they can’t tell if you’re smiling or frowning, so give them those sparkly eyes) and revel in your own awesome selflessness and philanthropic spirit — as revealed through your life-saving mask! 

And thank you to all the mask-wearing heroes out there. I'm smiling at you with my eyes, every single time I'm out in public sporting my own. 

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