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Oscar Delgado Partners with UNR Students for Diversity Push at City Hall

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The City of Reno partners with UNR students to educate professionals about recruiting and retaining diverse talent.
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"We are better when we listen to our community." * Oscar Delgado
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Councilman Delgado & UNR students advocate for change in the local community's diversity deficit.

By: Lucas Furrer & Michelle Laquindanum

On March 5, the Diverse Nevada campaign hosted a first of its kind “Recruiting Diverse Voices” summit at Reno City Hall. Speaking at the event was Reno City Councilman Oscar Delgado, UNR recruiters Carolina Martinez and Devin Williams, and Diverse Nevada Account Executive Lizbeth Alvarez. Each presentation addressed the importance of promoting racial inclusivity in the workplace through active recruiting and promotion.

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