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Changing Northern Nevada — and the World — One Positive Story at a Time.

Who are we, you ask? Why, thank you for your curiosity! We are a team of Northern Nevadans looking for good news. We need it, we crave it. In fact, we’re starving for it.

We were born out of necessity. We are living in a time when humanity seems to be drowning in negativity. But we know there’s good out there. So our goal is to bring balance to the web and social media, to provide a place of light in the darkness, to uplift each other and spotlight positivity. We believe in the human spirit, and we feel like this is one positive step toward changing our collective outlook.

Welcome to Just the Positive: a place of kindness, common ground and community good.

We’ve created a new platform for positive news. We offer connection, a place where you can meet real local people and groups doing good things. Our goal is for each visitor to discover something hopeful, uplifting or simply smile-inducing. And in turn, this discovery leads them to share, celebrate and seek out the positive in their lives.

You’ll find stories in these categories:

  • Heart: Meet the people and personalities behind the spectacular stuff happening in our community.
  • Smile: Discover stories that are designed to evoke smiles and/or laughter. Puppies, babies and kittens aren’t required, but they’re always welcome!
  • Passion: Learn about our community’s positively impactful organizations supporting social causes, philanthropy and giving back.
  • Drive: Read about businesses that prioritize their communities as much as their bottom line.
  • Do: Find activities and events that will help you do good, feel good and spread positivity in our community.

Please help us amplify the positive and start a true movement in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe and beyond by sharing your feel-good stories. Read our Editorial Guidelines here.

Because it’s time to embrace the positive — Just the Positive.